The Babyzen YoYo+ is our preferred stroller on Tree Hut Village. It folds super small and it fits into overhead luggage compartments of most commercial aircraft. This means you can roll up to the gate. Pop it in the dust bag or travel bag before you enter the plane and then you can conveniently use it at the other end of your trip. 

Steering the stroller is a breeze, you can literally push it with one hand and you can also unfold it with one hand! 

It is also the most comfortable stroller for newborns - just attach the newborn nest to the frame and it is just as convenient and just as small! 

There are lots of colours to choose from! The new colours are toffee and aqua and mums all over Australia and New Zealand are loving them! 

Here are the dimensions of the YoYo+: 

  • Extremely compact when folded (52 x 44 x 18 cm), the YOYO+ follows you on-board to a plane as hand luggage 
  • Comes with a dust bag which you need to take it on the plane with you and a rain cover! 

Get yours now for your next trip and then list it on Tree Hut Village to make the money back you spent on it! 

Check out the reviews or hire it first to test it out and see for yourself. Tree Hut Village users who have rented a Babyzen YoYo+ get a special deal that is revealed after your hire is completed (it is amazing). 

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