How To Plan A Luxury Family Holiday

How To Plan A Luxury Family Holiday

Vacations with the family are simply the greatest times! So why not make the most of your time off and truly relish the experience? If you’ve been saving up some money are yearning for a truly amazing experience with the ones you love dearest, why not plan a luxurious family holiday? Here’s how!

Deciding Where To Go

There are so many amazing places in the world that are fantastic to explore, and now you’ve got to narrow down which region of the vast expanse that is our planet Earth that you would like to visit. It is of course important to consider the ages and interest levels of your children before doing so. You don’t want to plan a luxury holiday only to realise it would have been far more appropriate if your children were 5 years older. For example, as amazing as visiting the mummies and pyramids of Egypt might be, your kids are unlikely to get as much of a kick out of the history as you are! Still keen on Africa? A safari trip in Tanzania might be way more up their alley.

Fill Your Trip With Heaps Of Activities

 Just because you are on a luxury vacation, doesn’t mean all you have to do on a day to day basis is laze around by a beach. You can plan a whole range of luxurious activities. Whether you want to sit on the back of an elephant in Bali or go horse-riding through the mountains of Alaska, there’s an activity perfectly suited to your family’s tastes – and they still keep in line with the luxurious theme of your holiday!

If you and your little ones are really active, hitch up a bike trailer and take them for a ride down at the nearby beach, to enjoy the fresh air and glistening water. If hiking is more your style, why not opt for ‘glamping’ or glamorous camping. Then you can hike to your heart’s content, and if you have young ones, invest in a sturdy stroller and take them along!

Turn Your Holiday Into A Luxury Boating Adventure

 If your family loves the water, why not go ahead and book a luxury boating holiday? There’s nothing quite as relaxing as being out bobbing about on the waves with those you hold dearest.

Some people don’t realise how luxurious a boating trip can be. Pop some drinks in a cooler and relax as you sit back relax, sipping as you look out at the setting sun. If you’re only heading out for a day trip, pack a picnic basket and enjoy your meal out at sea. Trips can be short but truly delightful.

So consider a marine park adventure for your next vacation getaway with your loved ones. Eat, drink, play games and chat on board, and have a truly luxurious experience.

Hire Your Own Personal Tour Director

Looking for the vacation of a lifetime but aren’t feeling like traipsing around with a bunch of backpackers whose interests may or may not be aligned with yours? Consider opting for a personal tour director, who will tailor the tour programme to fit your interests, and what you would like to see on your trip.

Though it may be extra money, you’ll find this is definitely worth it and is a lot more luxurious as it allows you to go at your own pace, rather than early 5 am mornings and scrambling to move from city to city. Taking your time to enjoy the sights, tastes and culture of each place you visit can add a fantastic dimension to your trip. Time is a luxury, that in this case money can buy!

Do All You Want, But Tailor Them To Be Family-Friendly

 So many soon-to-be parents fear that settling down with kids means giving up their wanderlust and no longer being able to travel in style. This is most definitely not the case. Sure a little extra planning may be necessary but you’ll find most travel itineraries can be tailored to perfectly fit you, even if you have little ones! You may want to visit a historical castle, but you can pitch it to your kids as running around in a fairytale land.

So there you have it – planning your luxury travel, contrary to popular opinion, is perfectly suited to families. You are able to take your time, travel at your own pace and tailor fit your itinerary to be perfect just for your bunch. What are you waiting for? Book your next luxury vacation now!

Eva Wintersberger

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