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What mums really think about the generic Stroller vs the Babyzen YoYo+

Is the knock-off version just as good

If you travel with kids, you already know how good these travel travel strollers are (or would be). You can walk right up to the plane, pop them in the bag and put them on the overhead lockers! No European staircase is going to intimidate you either! Folded up in seconds you zoom up those steps with the stroller over your shoulder! Lots of mum rave about the Babyzen YoYo+ so it’s no wonder you thought you’d look into it!

Then you realise: buying the original Babyzen YoYo+ is expensive! It usually set you back between $600-$700 depending on where you buy it from. Getting a cheap copy sounds very appealing when you look at getting it for a 1/3 of that price. One of the gorgeous ladies of Tree Hut Village, Nicole, owns both and shared her views with us. We will reveal 5 key differences between the genuine YoYo+ and the fake copy and, of course, tell you which way I would go if I were in the market for one.

What mums really think about cheap YoYo+ copies #fakepram #travelstroller

Here are the 5 key differences you need to know about

1. The genuine YoYo+ has a slightly wider seat

When you spend a small fortune on the genuine thing it is good to know that it will last you a little longer and that your baby can grow into toddlerhood and you can still use the same stroller. There’s a few of other prams that also fit in the stroller category. A recent review included a few of them as well as a detailed description  of the Babyzen YoYo+ features. Check out other travel strollers

2. The real YoYo+ has a much bigger basket

This is one of the most hottest features a stroller can have! If the basket is not great, your whole experience can be affected. You’d want to be able to carry that shopping, your handbag a few bits and pieces like your mobile and keys with the stroller without toppling over or getting frustrated. So for a bunch of extra dollars, you also get a bit of extra space when you get the genuine Babyzen YoYo+.

3. The seat of the generic YoYo declines slightly more

This is a really interesting one! This is something that has been on my mind a little – why does the branded Babyzen YoYo+ not go all the way back? Why only 45 degrees? I’m not sure about other parents, but I’ve always thought that being only halfway down when sleeping is a bit uncomfortable. My toddler has never slept in any stroller so it’s not something that would bother me too much but when you do use it as your main source of transportation on a trip this could be very important! If it is important to you consider the Cybex Eezy S Twist You can hire it here to see if you like it.

4. Overall quality of the real YOYO is MUCH higher

The fabric is much thicker and you can feel the difference in the quality. It seems to be a bit more comfortable. The hood extends without any creases in the fabric or wobbles. The original YoYo+ shown above really does have a beautiful look and it feels great when you open it straight out of the box. I have used my real Babyzen YoYo+ for hiring it out to other parents on TreeHutVillage and I’ve washed the fabric in the washing machine over 8 times and the colour has never faded, it hasn’t stretched or done anything else strange. It just looked perfect like it did when I first unpacked it. It also holds its resell value really well.

5. The buckle, straps and safety

The genuine YoYo+ has a buckle that is not easily undone. It is highly unlikely that your baby or toddler would be able to unfasten the belt. With the fake YoYo stroller, it is a bit easier to undo it. Now, I haven’t heard of any toddler achieving it but if they are strong enough to push that button in, it could happen.

The straps on the real Babyzen YoYo+ stroller are a bit longer and a mum from our Facebook Group gave me the tip to cross the straps over so that they are a bit tighter. The longer straps is also one of the reasons why I recommend that the 6m+ recommendation for the genuine Babyzen YoYo+ should definitely be observed. It’s not really that suitable for a smaller baby.

A fake copy sold on ecommerce platforms may not comply with Australian standards which I personally wouldn’t want to risk.

So what do I think?

  • Well, it really depends what you use it for. If you are just going to use it for the car and a quick dash to the shops a cheaper stroller might be the right one for you. I would recommend a GB Pockit for that.
  • On the other hand, if you buy the real Babyzen YoYo+ you can probably make a bit more money from it. You can list it on and rent it to other parents. Usually, parents pay back what they paid for the YoYo+ in a few hires.
  • I’ve enjoyed using my genuine YoYo+ for a few months now. It’s been to Europe, New Zealand and across the country and it’s always been great and it still looks just as new.
  • If the Babyzen YoYo+ is a bit too pricey I would recommend getting the Edwards and Co Otto or the Baby Jogger City Tour. Both are in the $300-400 range so a bit cheaper than the Babyzen YoYo+ and they are fantastic travel strollers. Watch this space for a full review of the Edwards and Co Otto stroller.

If you want to find out what sort of pram mum type you are click here and take our fun quiz! Stylish or inner city hipster? Find out by taking our quiz now. 

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