Clean a Bugaboo pram the non-toxic way

Clean a Bugaboo pram the non-toxic way

There comes a time in every mum’s life when cleaning a pram probably becomes a necessity. Trust me – I hold out as long as I can. I looked into pram cleaning services for a while but I found that I either wasn’t organised enough or they were booked out (apparently a lucrative business to get into!)

So I rolled up my sleeves this weekend and got into it myself:

Fabric parts 

Remove all the fabric parts from your Bugaboo Cameleon. To do that you have to unhook the strap that you can find by the footrests and unclip it in the back. You have to take out the board that forms the seat. To do that you have to push the buckle through the fabric and then you can pull out the board really easily. Remove the hood and take out the enforcements. I usually also unzip the top part of the seat where the hood sits and wash that separately in the bath tub. Now that you have only the fabric parts of the Bugaboo you can pop it all in the washing machine!

You just pop all the fabric parts in the washing machine.

I use a septic tank friendly laundry liquid that also smells like Eucalyptus. I wash it at 30 degrees with a low spin cycle.

Unclip the basket and wash it with the hard top part of the seat in a bathtub with mild detergent. Dry on a rack and outside direct sunlight to avoid colour fading.

The tyres

Bugaboo tyres unclip really easily and you just have to push in the white button a bit and off they come! I put them all into warm soapy water and then I use an old toothbrush to get into all the nooks and crannies of the tyres. Using a big bucket for this is a good idea. I use a septic tank friendly dishwashing liquid as well.

Make your own tyre shine by combining water, dishwashing liquid and your preferred oil and spray it on tyres.

You can make your tyres shiny after washing them by drying them with a microfibre cloth and applying some tyre shine. You can make up your own tyre shine by combining 1 cup of oil (any oil other than coconut oil will do) with 1/2 cup of water and 2 drops of dishwashing liquid (so it sprays better). You combine all of that. Give it a good shake and spray it on the tyres. I usually give them a bit of a wipe with some olive oil which makes it come up really nice and black. It pays to spray some lubricant on the moving parts. People have recommended using vegetable oil based lubricants to keep everything going smoothly. I haven’t needed to use it yet!

The frame 

Make your own Magice Eraser by using Borax and baking soda, put it in hot water and put a sponge in it it to soak up the water. Drain it and start scrubbing your frame. If you don’t have Borax, just use some lemon and baking soda but be careful not to use too much baking soda as you get white streaks on your frame.

Prams can get scratched. Often by baggage handling when you check them in or when you had an exciting, offroad outing with your Bugaboo and it involved a gravely path to navigate. While it’s not ideal there’s  few things you can do:

  • using toothpaste (also gets rid of crayola on tables.. just saying) rub the scratch and pat dry with a paper towel
  • if that didn’t work use some colour matching nail polish
  • if it’s a bad scratch, seal it with super glue first
  • to avoid scratches in the future, consider vinyl wrapping your Bugaboo!

Foamy parts 

Soapy water is the best bet for all of these parts. For Bugaboo, you can also replace the foam parts which is super handy as they do wear a bit.

All in all, it shouldn’t take too long to clean it. What do you prefer? Clean it yourself or get someone to do it?

If you want to hire your Bug to other mums check out or join the group and talk to others about their experience first 

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