What to pack for your baby when you travel to Bali (and what you can  get there)

What to pack for your baby when you travel to Bali (and what you can get there)

Are you considering a family holiday in Bali, but feeling a little daunted about taking a baby there?

Jetkids Airport Toddler

You’re a parent, so naturally you’re concerned and have a million questions. Is it safe for children? What if I run out of nappies? What if my baby gets sick? How will I get around with my baby? What will I feed my baby?

Well, worry no more. I asked several mums who recently travelled to Bali with their baby about their experiences. I wanted to find out exactly what to pack for a baby, and what you can get there.

All in the name of travelling a little lighter, but also for peace of mind.  

Babies are very portable, so it can be an ideal time for travel. There’s no reason not to visit Bali with your baby. The Balinese absolutely LOVE babies, which you will find out very quickly. They know the true meaning of ‘it takes a village’.

 What to pack for your baby for the flight to Bali

The flight to Bali is about six hours from Melbourne or Sydney, so you’ll want to prepare a bag as though it’s a full day, if you take into account airport time, and ny dreaded delays.

 A light travel stroller that goes into overhead cabins is a must for time spent at the airport, and then once you arrive in Bali. The most popular ones are the Babyzen YoYo+ and the Pockit+ which are definitely allowed on the plane. As they are quite pricey, many rent them prior to going on their trip. 

 Babyzen YoYo+ Bali

The other incredibly necessary item to never be without during your trip is a baby carrier. You’ll find it invaluable for getting around on foot, settling your baby for naps both on the plane and whilst on holiday (hello, jetlag!). Footpaths in Bali can be very uneven or narrow, so you may find you ditch the stroller most days in favour of the carrier.

Don’t forget to pack all the usual nappy bag essentials. A couple of changes of clothes, muslins, nappies, wipes, change mat, hand sanitiser wipes, bottles, formula, baby food (check with your airline’s regulations), and a sleeping bag (you will probably need this anyway for nights when the air-conditioning is too cool for babies) or swaddle for naps.

You’ll want a few toys and a dummy clip if they use a dummy (plane floors aren’t the most sterile, and you don’t want to be rushing off to wash it every time it gets dropped!). A great time to feed your baby, or offer a dummy, is on take-off and landing to reduce the pressure in their ears. Pack some baby paracetamol and/or nurofen just in case. 

What to pack in your luggage for your baby

 After packing your carry-on luggage and discovering that there isn’t much space left for your own belongings, you’ll want to know what you absolutely need to pack for your baby (especially if you’re sharing a suitcase), and what you can just buy when you get there.

Let’s start with feeding your baby. If your baby is formula or bottle-fed, you’ll want to pack several bottles, a bottle brush, a bottle warmer if you use one, and some way of sterilsing the bottles if you’re still doing that. If you’re staying in a villa and have your own kitchen, you could boil the bottles, or another option is to take steriliser tablets. They also come in handy for sterilising bath water if you have an opportunist older baby who likes to drink the bath water.

If your baby’s brand of formula is quite exclusive, new, or often hard to find, take enough tins to last the duration of your holiday. Some babies don’t tolerate new brands easily, so you don’t want to risk any little upset digestive systems while you’re on holiday.

For the expressing mamas, don’t forget your breast pump and milk storage bags.

How about the babies who are on solids? Don’t expect a highchair at every restaurant, so it’s a great idea to pack a portable one. A baby sitting on your lap and spilling food all over you does not make for a relaxing holiday!

If you’re planning on giving your baby pre-made baby food, and you have a preference beyond the basic commercial baby meals, take your own. Baby food there is imported and can be expensive. You would also struggle to find organic baby food.

If you plan to make your own food, or for your baby to eat freshly cooked food there, it’s a good idea to take some food containers for when you’re out and about. You may even want to pack a little portable baby food steamer, so you can prepare fresh food in your hotel or villa.

 Of course you worry that they’re going to get sick while you’re away, so be prepared. Pack a baby first-aid kit with all your familiar brands, not forgetting your thermometer.

 Oh, and travel insurance, don’t leave home without it! Many mums also swear by probiotics to keep those little guts healthy, but see your GP before you set off (and while you’re there, make sure all of your bub’s vaccinations are up to date).

 You won’t need to pack a lot of clothes, just light layers. You’re most likely going to Bali for the lovely weather, so your bub will probably live in a nappy. The laundry service is generally very inexpensive as well. Having someone do the laundry is a holiday in itself, right?!

 Okay, what about nappies and wipes? If you have a preference for certain nappies and baby wipes, like particular eco brands, then by all means take your own. Swimming nappies can be harder to come by there, so take a pack or two, or a couple of reusable aqua nappies.

 What’s your baby going to sleep in? Does your accommodation provide baby cots? Perhaps you’re moving around a lot while you’re in Bali, and not too sure what the bedding situation is? That’s fine, you can check in a travel portacot.

Many parents travel with the Baby Bjorn travel cot which only weighs 6kg and can be checked in.

 Like many destinations, getting around Bali with a baby when you don’t have your own car can be tricky. You can book taxis with car seats, but it’s not a common option. You can get private drivers with car seats, but you’ll probably have to plan ahead a little. The other option is to take your own car seat. You can even hire a handy carry bag for them that allows you to carry it like a backpack onto the plane.

 What you can get for your baby once you’re in Bali

 It might seem like you’ve got to pack a lot for your baby, but it’s more to do with preference.

 You can easily find sunscreen, insect repellent, baby antihistamines, many popular brands of formula, and a wide selection of nappies and wipes once there.

 Food is usually the biggest concern for parents. Fortunately, there are baby food delivery services that offer homemade, nourishing food made to the texture that your baby’s used to, but you can also get fresh fruit, veggies, yoghurt, cheese, cereal, and most ingredients you’d need to make your own.

 There are baby equipment hire companies where you can hire microwaves, sterilisers, highchairs, cots, prams, car seats, baby monitors, and baby carriers. They also stock nappies and reusable swim nappies. You can even hire a pool fence from a company there. All of these things that are designed to make your life easier can be pre-booked and delivered to your accommodation, so do your research before you go. Or better still, rent the items that will definitely make your life easier locally before you go via www.treehutvillage.com.au

 As you can see, Bali is definitely baby-friendly. You’ll never be short of options to make your holiday as smooth and as relaxing as one can be with a baby. The locals are warm and welcoming, and there to accommodate your specific needs. Make the most of that support while you’re away, and feel rest-assured that your baby will be safe and well taken care of. Why not even find a reputable babysitter and get some much-deserved me time. It’s a holiday after all!

 Eva Wintersberger is the founder of www.treehutvillage.com.au where parents can rent baby equipment from other parents. The idea of connecting parents with each other came to her when she was travelling with her 4 month old son and thought that it would be so much easier to connect locally, after hours and on weekends!

She gets lots of feedback about what was invaluable to take on family trips. Many have paid off a holiday to Bali by hiring their stroller or baby carrier to other parents! You can give it a go to – registering and listing is free.

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Eva Wintersberger

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