What it's REALLY like to Have Two Boys Under Two

What it's REALLY like to Have Two Boys Under Two

Here at Tree Hut Village we are all about connecting parents and building a meaningful and helpful community. Because of this, the parents really make Tree Hut Village what it is, so I would love to introduce some of our hard working parents that help this community thrive.

 Introducing Tina: Mum of Two and Stokke Crusi fan 

Tina mum of two boys under two and her husband
I love connecting with people even if it is just a short encounter. It’s always so uplifting to hear their stories and get a new perspective on other parent’s day today. Here is Tina’s story, a mum of two boys under two called Max and Ollie, and her daily routine as an Aussie mum.

When things get done it's through a car window! 

Tina’s typical day starts with her toddler, Max, trying to feed both her baby, Ollie, and the dog breakfast, with Tina trying to contain the mess and madness while ensuring everyone is well fed. After this exhausting meal a nap is in order for all three of them, though more often than not the boys will stubbornly only fall asleep in the car as Tina gratefully thanks her favourite coffee shop for delivering some much-needed caffeine to her car window.

 baby sleeps only in car

 via Mommy Meme

Tiring out the toddler is part of the routine

baby points at mirror avoiding bedtime

via Mommy Meme

With this, nap time is over all too quickly and Tina is off to the shopping centre or park with boys in tow to either get the shopping done (and do some laps of window shopping) or run out Max’s endless energy. After that it’s home, food, and movie, because screen time is basically a necessity for a mum of two under two.

While showering isn't necessarily.. 
The way Tina’s life has changed over the past few years has been huge. She actually used to shower every single day before Max was born - can you imagine? Now her late nights end promptly at 8:30pm and her ‘me time’ is spent being the handywoman of the house, because what’s more relaxing than painting the fence in your scarce free time?

 But the bond ❤💕! 

Even with all the stress and mess and mayhem, Tina wouldn’t do anything differently. While she admits that having two boys at such a young age is a handful, she also told me about some truly gorgeous moments between the two of them, like how Max holds Ollie’s hand when they’re in the pram together. These moments are what make it all worth it. The hardest part for her has been the distance from her family, and she is eternally grateful for her Mum making the 4 hour trek to stay with her and help out two days a week.


Saving up for a holiday - one booking at a time
For Tina, Tree Hut Village is a support group and loving community. She is currently listing her items and putting anything she makes away for a holiday. Her favourite pram is by far the Stokke Crusi pram which she used when Max was a bubba, doing wonders for her bad back. She’ll be heading off with the boys to New Zealand next year, so if you’re an NZ mumma renting out a double pram, keep an eye out for Tina and her boys!

Spectra S2 breastpump


Stokke Crusi pram buggy stroller


Here are some of her listings and if you're like me, there's nobody I'd rather support than another mum! If you need any of these items then check out her profile here https://www.treehutvillage.com.au/member/TinaAllen



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