User Profile: How Diane paid for her Babyzen YoYo+ by renting it to other parents

User Profile: How Diane paid for her Babyzen YoYo+ by renting it to other parents

Diane joined Tree Hut Village in the early days and things have really started to pay off recently. She now has made close to $700 from lending it to other parents. Read more about Diane, what baby items she recommends and what hiring out your items on Tree Hut Village is like.

“My Yoyo+ is in such high demand I can’t keep up! I’m loving my extra cash on the side! It has been booked solidly from April through September”

Diane says that life has changed quite a bit for her since having her daughter but she barely remembers a life without her. Life gets busy and between zoo visits, runarounds in the park and catch ups with other parents there is little time to catch a breath.

Her beautiful daughter, the main tester of the Babyzen, is a happy and smiley little girl and seeing her smile makes Diane very grateful for all the good things in life. At times, it can be tough in Australia as Diane moved over from the UK with her husband 3 years ago and unfortunately there is no family support to lighten the load.

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With a busy lifestyle, she wasn’t so sure in the beginning if hiring her items would work for her. “I just don’t have time to run around as much these days – little chores can become very cumbersome!” She didn’t need another thing to keep track of! However, she has a few travel items that she rarely uses so she gave it a go.
Her Babyzen YoYo+, in particular, is very popular and is often hired for a couple of weeks at a time.  She is surprised by how little effort is involved in hiring out your baby items.
It’s been so much easier than I thought it would be. Automatic reminders mean that I don’t even have to keep track of when what happens.

Diane loves to travel so she will spend her money on more baby items to make their trips easy. “They change so quickly and each stage has different bits and pieces that make travelling easier” says Diane.  Her favourite item is the Babyzen YoYo+ travel stroller as it is a very compact and practical item. She thinks that hiring it before buying would have been better because not all children sleep well in strollers and there’s nothing worse than spending big $$ on something that you’re not going to use! 

I was nervous about first using the Babyzen YoYo+ as my daughter sleeps so well in her big pram but she adjusted to it straight away and loves it.  

Diane’s next trip sees the family relaxing somewhere closer to Australia  like Fiji or Bali as usually it’s a long-haul flight to the UK to see relatives. 

If you’d like to talk to Diane directly and learn about her experiences a bit more you can chat to her by joining Mums 2 Mums Hire Baby Equipment

You can rent her stroller following this link: Hire Diane’s YoYo+ here Hire Diane’s YoYo+ here

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