So what’s the best compact stroller in 2020?

So what’s the best compact stroller in 2020?

Compact strollers are the one thing on every parent’s mind when going on holiday with the kids under 3 or even 4. They promise to be compact, lightweight, easy to fold and unfold and ideally fit into overhead compartments or in car booths packed with luggage. They should also look good.

So which ones make the cut? Pros and cons? We are reviewing:

  • Mountain Buggy nano™ (2020+)
  • Babyzen YOYO²
  • City Tour 2 – Baby Jogger
  • GB Qbit+
  • GB Pockit

All prices are in AUD.

Mountain Buggy Nano 2020  RRP $499 


hire it to try it out

I purchased the Nanov2  and the unboxing experience was fantastic. I was so surprised that I didn’t have to do anything other than put the wheels on. It was very easy to put together which was awesome. Unfolding it is super easy and folding it is also very straight forward – even my husband managed to do it during his first go! However, putting it into its bag is less fun and I find it a little odd that the wheels stick out (and many airlines get you to take them off when you take it onboard). You can take the wheels off, lock them and easily replace them.

The basket is really large – that’s been fantastic and super handy when you’re out and about and need to fit all the bits and pieces you need with little ones.

I’m not in love with the hood. There: I said it! Whilst sun cover is great, it seems to always come off after unfolding and it goes over your hands when it’s folded back. I do like that it’s quite large and that it comes in different colours (not lots of options but a few). I also like all of the accessories you can get and the meal tray is probably one of my favourites. It also doesn’t have a peek through window.

I also like that it reclines quite far back which is lovely for sleeping. I also like that the weight goes up quite high so if you have a solid baby like me you can use the stroller for a while. It also has a footrest which is great! Cut off is 20kg.

What's the biggest difference between the Nano v2 and the nano™ (2020+)? The new 2020 version is now fully lie flat! you can lower the back so that your little one has a more comfortable nap on the go! 

 Love: the scooter that goes with it! Super fun for a toddler to whizz along (if they stay on it). 

  • Weight: 5.9kg
  • Weight of child: up to 20kg
  • Age: from 6 months
  • Measures: 54 x 31 x 51cm  when folded (jetstar allows: 56 x 36 x 23 so might be a bit of a push although lots of mums from the said they never had a problem )
  • In the box: cover and stroller
  • Capsule compatibility: Yes inbuilt adapters
  • Bassinet: Yes but it doesn’t fold with the bassinet
  • Maneuverability: Pretty good – it feels like a solid stroller
  • Spare parts: super easy to get and not very expensive. Thumbs up!


Babyzen YOYO² RRP:  $829

Amy Rogers

hire it out to try it 

Babyzen has just released a new version of the YOYO+ which is called the YOYO². It has quite a few upgrades including faux leather handles, it has a stronger frame, meaning it can now accommodate kids up to 20kg! With increased wheel suspension, it smoothly glides across pathways. 

Taking a YOYO out of the box is somewhat intimidating. You definitely need to spend a little time with understanding how to put it together. Folding and unfolding it is fairly straight forward (unfolding can be done with one hand). The wheels sometimes don’t align quite right and you have to adjust those before flipping it open but mostly it’s ok.

It feels like a really sturdy stroller and navigation is fantastic. It’s really smooth to use on most surfaces (except gravel – I think gravel is always going to be bumpy for strollers but it can manage well). The seat reclines around 140 degrees which is quite flat and enough for little ones to snooze well. You can’t take the wheels off or lock them but I’ve never needed to. There’s no extendable footrest.

It’s easy to clean (you can pop everything but the frame into the washing machine and the colour won’t fade – everything fades in my house especially black jeans after the first wash. The seat pad on the stroller came out looking just as new).

There aren’t really any accessories I would call a must have. Perhaps the umbrella because I find that the sunhood wasn’t sufficiently covering my son’s face in summer. The hood does have a little window to peek through and it also has a little zip pocket for essentials (mobile phone).

Love: The size of it and maneuverability.

  • Weight: 6kg
  • Weight of child: up to 20kg
  • Age: from 6 months (definitely not sooner) but you can also get the Newborn Nest attachment from 0+ months
  • Measures: 52 x 44 x 18 cm when folded
  • In the box: stroller cover and stroller frame
  • Capsule compatibility: Yes with adapters
  • Bassinet: Yes and it folds just as small with the bassinet
  • Maneuverability: It navigates better than a big one
  • Spare parts: hard to get and pricey

City Tour – Baby Jogger2 RRP $499download (2)

Hire it from Dearne to try if it suits your needs

Another one that had an upgrade over the past year is the Baby Jogger City Tour 2. Getting it out of its box is a great experience. It’s not hard at all to put it together which is always a bonus!

Unfolding this stroller can be a bit awkward so you might have to practice a little and once you do it’s super easy (probably the way with most strollers).

It navigates well and is a good alternative to a big pram. It has quite a long seat which is great and the hood is much larger than for the other prams. It has a peek through window to check on your little ones and it is SPF 50+. The hood is the winning factor for this stroller. It now has a peekaboo window too which I love. 

Accessories like a belly bar, drink holder and being able to customise the colours is great. The stroller is not much bigger than other travel strollers but people have reported that sometimes they are made to check in (the beginning of a few scratches on your stroller..).

A winner for me is that other mums have said that they have never been asked to check it in and that you don’t have to take the wheels off to take it on the plane! Also, the bag seems to protect the pram well enough when you do choose to check in (which the nano and yoyo bag definitely won’t do).

If there’s anything to criticise it is perhaps the seat depth (but the belly bar seems to help with that) and that it doesn’t have a footrest (neither does the YoYo+).

Love: The carry bag it comes with! It’s a backpack so no awkward over the should carrying necessary!

  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Weight of child: up to 20.5kg
  • Age: from 6 months (definitely not sooner)
  • Measures: 56cm x 23cm x 45cm when folded
  • In the box: stroller cover, rain cover and stroller
  • Capsule compatibility: No
  • Bassinet: No
  • Maneuverability: Good
  • Spare parts: fairly easy to get some and not too expensive


GB Qbit+  $399 (on sale for $339)

download (1)


Taking this little number out of its box is a breeze. Just click on the wheels and you are ready to go. Folding happens at the click of a button which is super impressive but the unfolding is a little trickier. You might want to check the manual for this one.

The basket is a bit shallow so you probably don’t want to go and take it for your weekly grocery shop.

Accessories like a belly bar, drink holder and customising the colours is great.

Love: how small and light it is – you CAN get the Luxe version which is the same size as the Nano and the City Tour but we have only reviewed the tiny one for now.

  • Weight: 7.6kg
  • Weight of child: up to 17kg
  • Age: from 6 months (definitely not sooner)
  • Measures:  H56xW49xD30cm
  • In the box: stroller, wheels, rain cover
  • Capsule compatibility: Yes
  • Bassinet: No
  • Maneuverability: Good
  • Spare parts: hard to get and pricey

GB Pockit  $229 (on sale for $179.99)




The key seller for this one is that it’s the tiniest pram around! It fits into your handbag (if you have a huge one like me) and it even stands by itself when folded.

It probably is not as stable as others in this review but considering it’s size it really depends on what you want. We wanted to include it as it is perfect for an older child who might not want to sit down all the time but who you also don’t want to carry when they get tired.  There is not a lot of storage so it’s probably a great option for the airport and maybe to dash down to the shops.

The sun shade doesn’t really help a lot so more sun protection is likely needed.

It maneuvers well but will probably struggle offroad.

Love: how small and light it is! I’m beyond impressed!

  • Weight: 4.8kg
  • Weight of child: up to 17kg
  • Age: from 6 months (definitely not sooner)
  • Measures:  30cm x 18cm x 35 cm
  • In the box: stroller, wheels, rain cover
  • Capsule compatibility: No
  • Bassinet: No
  • Maneuverability: Good
  • Spare parts: hard to get and pricey


Now, which one of these strollers can you take on your flight?

Check out all a few popular airlines carry on dimensions to see if your stroller qualifies

  • Jetstar: 56cm height x 36 cm width x 23 cm
  • Virgin Australia 48cm x 34cm x 23cm
  • Air New Zealand 118cm (all three measures are added so if the total doesn’t exceed 118 you should be fine)  The YoYo comes in at 114cm
  • Emirates 55 x 38 x 20 cm)
  • AirAsia: 56cm x 36cm x 23cm
  • Tiger: 54cm X 38cm X 23cm
  • Singapore Airlines 115cm (all three measures are added so if the total doesn’t exceed 118 you should be fine)  The YoYo comes in at 114cm
  • Etihad  50cm x 40cm x 25cm


 if you want to hire from other mums check out or join the group and talk to others about their experience first 

Eva Wintersberger

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