Baby Food for Travelling

Baby Food for Travelling

When flying with a baby it can be quite difficult to feed them. Restaurant food is not appropriate yet and the glass jars are a bit heavy. I’m also a little bit OTT when it comes to preparing healthy options for my baby and I like to give him home cooked meals when possible – especially when he was under 12 months old.

When I flew to Europe with our little one I noticed that they only had glass jars for very young babies – or toddler food. I was very happy to have brought a few of the pouches for my little man!

I have come up with a couple of recipes which are great for travelling. They keep well and are super healthy. The first one I’ve written up can be viewed here:


Check back for more recipes regularly as I have a number of recipes I’m about to add. Also message me if you’d like a few ideas. Have a great trip!

Eva Wintersberger

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